On my first day of Sacred Geometry class, with a teacher, Ram, I was shocked and attracted by an incredible geometric figure, the Isotropic Vector Matrix. Before starting the class that day, Ram told us that at the end of the class he was going to draw this geometry among the students.

I had the certainty and conviction that this geometry was going to always accompany me and that I was going to win it, and so it was, I won it! It turned out to be something magical.
From there we never parted, and it was my relationship with her that prompted me to build and draw sacred geometry in a sustained and creative way.

My idea is to upload material so that everyone can enjoy the energy and strength that this sacred geometric body transmits, starting by adding a photo gallery and a video with loving, light and love-filled music by Craigg Pruess inspired by Anandamayi Ma .

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