The binary code, the number 2 and the symmetry in the sacred geometry in fruits

From the moment I became aware of the geometry of the universe in all the elements of nature, I began to look for patterns in every opportunity I had. And particularly I found a lot in fruits and vegetables, in cross sections. It was impressive to see how an order and a code were manifested that demonstrated how powerful that intelligence of nature and the universe is.

Next, I am going to start showing a series of galleries and I will comment on them below each one.

It is curious and striking to observe the similarity in the morphology of the butterflythe nut Y tomato seeds. The balance of the dual integrated from a trunk or axis in absolute harmony, the symmetrical, the balanced pair.

The genesis number, 3, the symbol of female fertility, the non-deformable, the origin.

All sacred geometry has factor 3 as the basis of everything that can be shaped. The triangle, the tetrahedron, the pillars of the construction of everything. In the two examples shown in the galleries below, tri-phase structures are clearly defined. In watermelon, which is the first gallery, we can see that the seeds are grouped into 3 sectors, in pairs. It can also be seen, if one leaves the semi-blurred eyes a shape similar to that of the «fallopian tube». In the second gallery, that of green chili, the 3 cavities in which the seeds grow are also clearly visible.

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