In this post, I want to share with all those interested in these explorations, the path of a mandala, which is currently being created, has not yet finished. So I will continue adding images in the gallery that I add at the end of this paragraph.

As I always say, it is a path of uncertain shortcuts, and in which one builds universal code as if it were a channel that can express certain shapes and colors, which have surely inhabited our unconscious forever. A mandala is a journey that personally gives me a lot of inner pleasure. I am never interested in knowing what others will see when they see it, but rather how much my spirit, my inner being, enjoys it, it is a gift for my soul. I visit my workshop several times a day and I see it, and I see that it asks me for things, a color, a new shape, and I always hope to have the moment to add it. It takes time, a lot.

Without a doubt it is not an END, it is a means that at some point one decides to conclude, but with the feeling of fractality, in the sense that in each form, there are infinite possibilities to continue investigating, both inward and outward.