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Long Term Care

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Long-Term Care: Prepare for the Future

你努力工作以确保你和你的家庭拥有你想要的经济保障. 而且,你已经努力为未来生活可能带来的惊喜做好准备. 但是,即使是最深思熟虑的策略也可能不足以让你对与长期护理相关的意外费用做好准备.

这很容易让你了解更多关于保护对你来说最重要的人和事的选择. 亚博真人官方版APP下载的AARP长期护理方案, 亚博真人官方版APP下载经验丰富的代理可以帮助您探索您的保险选项,并回答您可能有的任何问题. 为了开始,请求咨询和接受您的指导,长期护理今天. It’s free and there’s no obligation.


With Americans living longer than ever, 随着年龄的增长,亚博真人官方版APP下载大多数人在日常活动方面都需要一些额外的帮助.2 长期护理保险的好处超出了你的健康保险所能涵盖的范围,因为它可以补偿你在年龄增长时维持生活方式所需要的服务, injury, illness, 或者认知障碍让你难以照顾好自己.

Long-term care may benefit:

Families who want to help protect their loved ones, lifestyle and assets.

Retirees and Pre-retirees wanting to 把他们辛辛苦苦攒下来的钱保存起来.

Individuals who may not have someone to care for them or significant assets to pay for these costs.

你不可能预测你需要长期的机会 care, or how long you may need it. And since cost of care can be expensive, it's 了解几年的长期护理对经济的影响是很重要的.

Nursing Home Care: The average cost of a 在私人医疗保险认证的长期疗养院病房的一年护理是 $107,000.4

Home Care: The average in-home care costs $50,918 a year for 40 hours of help per week.4

Assisted Living Care:在一居室辅助生活护理设施中生活一年 averages $57,000 per year.4

请查询您所在地区的医疗费用信息 click here.

许多人认为政府项目,如医疗保险 医疗补助计划将支付他们未来所有的长期医疗费用 needs. 令人惊讶的是,他们可能只会为其中一些买单 services and have many restrictions.

Medicare: May cover a maximum of 100 days of services after a hospital stay.2 Coverage is designed to assist 人们在短期的恢复和不包括 personal care or supervision services.

Medicaid: If you have limited assets and income and are relying on Medicaid, 政府可能会代表你做出关键的医疗决定, including where you receive the care you need.

亚博真人官方版APP下载的AARP长期护理方案1 提供有价值的资源,帮助您找到 coverage that's right for you. Request your free 指导长期护理今天和经验 亚博真人官方版APP下载的代理人将与您联系并答复 your questions and explore your options.


例如,一份长期护理保险的成本大约是 $89 per month 50岁的单身女性,50岁的已婚夫妇每月106美元.5


LTC Brochure
  • Protect your savings and other assets.
  • Pay bills that health insurance won’t cover.
  • Cover the cost of getting care at home.

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