In another of the excursions to the structures that show us the geometric patterns of nature, I began to observe the Kiwi in a cross section and I perceived a powerful order around the trunk or nucleus that has to do, from my perception with the wonderful way in the one that nature preserves the seed that represents neither more nor less than life.

If we see the gallery that appears at the foot of this note, it can be seen in successive approaches that there are 41 radial receptacles organized around the nucleus or trunk, and that in each of them a pair of seeds are located, which in turn They are protected by a liquid or gelatinous body, which apparently nourishes them. Here I am represented a similarity with the mother’s placenta and the amniotic fluid that feeds the baby or «the seed» that grows protected inside that receptacle.

In addition, what we call the «pulp» of the fruit, completely covers these receptacles until reaching the kiwi shell, acting as a double covering, protecting the seeds that will give life. In other words, I perceive and understand the importance that the universe and nature give to the continuity of the kiwi’s existence, as a representative of a living object.