Who invented the hexagon?, an incredible and powerful geometry

The other day, making a cut of a carrot, I noticed something that, like so many times, Oh coincidence, I had never noticed, and that was that a perfect hexagon was drawn on the trunk of the carrot, and then I asked myself:

Who had invented the hexagon?

When I studied geometry at school and was taught basic shapes, such as triangle, square, pentagon, or hexagon, I was never taught that these shapes were patterns in the universe and that we humans had not invented them. How different everything would have been from this wise and great truth revealed before our eyes.

They also didn’t tell me that we had invented them, they just didn’t tell me anything, never question me or ask me, the hexagon was for me an abstraction that I never tried to give depth or understanding.

At the same time I had a glass of wine next to the carrot and I observed that at its base there was also the shape of a hexagon, and it was striking to me to be able to observe this fact, in which it was manifestly presented to me as the unconscious of our The brain formalizes the geometry of the universe as a way to construct a reality parallel to the universal source.


It was also clear to me that they never taught us to connect with the real source of wisdom and knowledge that is nature and the universe, they give us all the information so that we humbly interpret it. Perhaps this is why I am passionate about sacred geometry, with it I discover every day this way that the universe has to connect with our brains and with the valuable information we keep in our unconscious, with that part of us most connected to the interior and to the true essence.

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