The drawings of Carmen and the sacred geo by freehand

This is such a particular case that I found it interesting to post on Geosagrada and share it with everyone. One day we went to dinner at the house of some friends, Carmen and Georg, who are also friends of my wife, Gachi, and while we were talking about Sacred Geometry and mandalas, she showed us a series of drawings she made while making phone calls for Her work, she carried out unconsciously, without even thinking that she was doing Sacred Geometry! There is some more concrete proof on which way the intelligence of the universe can choose to manifest!

She told us that when she worked and held meetings, she had a way to relax and cope with very long meetings, and that it consisted of drawing geometric shapes on different papers and HAND RAISED !, that is, without any type of support such as rules or tools. Marvel and be amazed with the power that our unconscious has when it is revealed as sacred intelligence.