Property Damage Appraisers Gets Customers Back to Their Lives Faster by Helping Carriers Deliver on Their Promises

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What began in 1963 as four fraternity brothers looking for additional work between classes has grown into a nationwide franchise organization. 拥有650多名评估师,为数千名客户提供服务, 财产损失评估师(掌上电脑)完成了惊人的450项,估计每年汽车费用为5000美元, 重型设备和财产索赔. How does a company that started as a college side project become one of the most successful damage estimating corporations in the nation? By building its brand on delivering a consistent customer experience across its 250+ franchise offices and corporate store locations.

汤姆 Dolfay,总裁兼首席执行官

我们知道越快完成损失估计, 顾客就能越快回到自己的生活中.


亚博真人官方版APP有更多的工作,他们无法管理或需要一个当地的估价师, 他们求助于像财产损失评估公司这样的公司来填补空白. 曼迪奥布莱恩, 销售和市场副总裁, understands that often 掌上电脑 appraisers are the only representative from the carrier that the customer will meet. 掌上电脑希望确保所有客户都能获得最好的体验. “通常,当我们参与其中时,不仅是我们的客户,也是他们的客户的损失. 我们越快结束索赔,他们就能越快恢复正常生活.”



当总裁兼首席执行官汤姆 Dolfay八年前来到公司时, 他着眼于能够对掌上电脑用户产生最大影响的改进. Knowing that cycle time (the average number of days it takes from the time of assignment to completion of a damage estimate) affects the cost of the claim as well as customer satisfaction, 多尔菲的目标是减少碳排放. 更快的周转对车辆储存和每日租金的相关成本有直接影响. 更重要的是, 缩短索赔窗口大大减少了客户的挫折感, 改善客户和运营商的体验. 



The goal we were trying to achieve was to reduce our overall cycle time while still maintaining the accuracy and consistency that we had been delivering all along.

根据汤姆Slimak的说法,首席业务发展官 at 掌上电脑, “The initial goal was to reduce overall cycle time from five days to an industry-leading two days while still maintaining the accuracy and consistency that 掌上电脑 had been delivering all along.“掌上电脑希望将整个过程缩短几个小时甚至几分钟. 我们的目标是剖析每一个耗费时间的点, 确定如何改进工作流程, 并引入新技术来简化程序. 作为一个额外的挑战, every one of 掌上电脑’s 170 franchise owners and more than 250 franchise offices had to be on board and committed to achieving the two-day goal for this huge undertaking to be successful.


One of the most significant contributors to 掌上电脑 achieving such a lofty goal in a short timeframe was collaboration between departments. 培训、运营和技术团队都携手合作. 获得成功, as 布莱恩·古德温,IT副总裁 attested, 不仅仅是开发亚博真人官方版APP, 还要对它们执行. 



从公司一直到我们的特许经营团队, 我们做的每件事都有结构, 执行, 和问责制.

奥布莱恩说:“我们这里有句谚语,结构、执行和责任. 这听起来可能不性感,但却能完成工作.掌上电脑设定目标后, 这种理念是将愿景变为现实的驱动力. “我们围绕工作的样子和谁负责制定了架构, then we go into 执行 mode where everybody is held accountable to ensure that we reach our goal, 从我们的首席执行官到我们的评估师.Dolfay表示同意, “我们独特的价值主张与结构有关, 执行, 和问责制. 我们带来的指标让我们与众不同. 当客户要求我们做某事时, 我们提供这项服务, 我们用指标来衡量,所以我们对成功的定义是毫无疑问的. 我们出售价值, 但我们出售的是与数字挂钩的价值, 我们用美元来表示这个值.”

我们是根据指标来运营公司的. 我们所做的每件事都有目的感,并且目的与我们的结构紧密相连. 这就是我们的主张.

Dolfay recognizes that 掌上电脑 and its clients are competing with companies that are looking to technology to grow their industries. “Staying ahead with technology ensures that we’re providing a consistent product throughout the country.“一旦掌上电脑发现了延迟索赔过程的瓶颈, 他们研究了利用技术解除封锁的方法. 开始, they overhauled their existing workflow so that specialists now complete estimates onsite at the vehicle instead of returning to an office. 这个新的过程需要开发一些新的工具、方法和技术. 集体, 新工具有助于减少评估师接收任务所需的时间, 把它转过来, 编写评估, 然后把它送回办公室. New tools include a proprietary photo application that enables appraisers to upload damage photos onsite through a mobile phone or tablet, 导致更快, 更准确的文档, and a mobile appraisal application that enables appraisers in the field to also complete assignments with their smartphones. 该应用程序使用“智能指导”,根据客户需求突出显示需要哪些照片. 掌上电脑 also concentrated on auditing and quality assurance initiatives by re-engineering its robust file-tracking technology to better monitor compliance. 下一个, 掌上电脑 will introduce Optimizer—a tool that will help offices identify and assign the proper resource for each claim in real-time. 利用各种标准从损伤位置到损伤类型进行评估, Optimizer will improve efficiency within the company and streamline the experience for auto customers and equipment owners.


Implementing these changes required significant training and change management across one of the largest network of appraisers in the country. 掌上电脑承认,最初,他们的员工没有充分利用技术来完成日常任务. 当引入创新时, 最大的挑战是让特许经营员工迅速适应并接受流程变化.

Staying ahead with technology ensures that we’re providing a consistent product throughout the country.

召集250多个办公室并非易事. 让估价师参与进来, 尽早让特许经营商参与进来, 共同努力实现产品, 掌上电脑 holds town hall meetings quarterly that involve all stakeholders in decision making and getting necessary buy-in. 进一步, the entire executive management team travels to regional offices every other month to communicate annual business plan objectives and announce new products, 除了每月的实践培训课程和持续的监督和指导, 




在2016年实现技术和服务进步之前, 掌上电脑的平均周期时间为3.37个工作日. 由于实施了这些变更,每个月的周期时间都在持续下降. 2018年9月,汽车相关索赔的平均周期为1.54个工作日. 虽然最初的结果很好, 掌上电脑如何应对灾难性事件才是成功的真正标准. 例如,当一场严重的冰雹袭击丹佛时,掌上电脑就做好了准备. 而不仅仅是“向它扔尸体”,” they were able to leverage technology to shorten the window it took appraisers to complete estimates. Collaboration across the company ensured the event was managed well and 掌上电脑 was able to keep its promise to customers.


对于一家以平均1分领先行业的公司来说,接下来会发生什么.54天周期时间? Same-Day Service; guaranteed! 掌上电脑自信地认为,凭借他们的“结构”, 执行, 和问责制”的方法,他们将很快在全国范围内提供这项服务. 目前, 他们正在向150多个办事处推广这项服务, and are on track to implement it in over half of their franchise locations by the end of the year. 掌上电脑 continues strengthening the industry by improving the claims experience by offering Same-Day Service and 下一个-Day Service for both the customer and the carrier.