f you read the title of this post, without having more information than what you normally use in your life, it may seem somewhat pointless, but as we go through with this publication I think you will be surprised, just as I was surprised at find out.

From the beginning of this exploratory process and of «curiosity» about the phenomena that surrounded me, I began to record things that I had never noticed before and that were completely unnoticed. Among those things I observed that in the trunk of a lettuce, you can clearly see a helical rising spiral almost perfect, which climbs the trunk smoothly and homogeneously.

Throughout this process of search and exploration, I was passionately interested, among other things, in the Fibonacci progression and its participation in the pattern of almost all the morphologies found in the universe, and it is on this aspect on which I based myself Writing this article, which is triggered by observing that when I drained the sink in my kitchen, an algorithmic spiral clearly appeared, with the same pattern that can be seen in the formation of a galaxy, a hurricane or the nautilus mollusk.

I quickly went to find my camera to record this «discovery» that resulted in the video at the beginning of this note. In it you can see how an algorithmic downward spiral pattern appears, like a «corkscrew», similar to that formed with tornadoes, hurricanes, galaxies and «quasars», incredible phenomena that occurred billions of years ago light from planet earth and they are the starting point of galaxies.

This pattern is repeated in the creation geometry of tornadoes and hurricanes, and what strikes me about the geometric pattern of these phenomena is that the force that generates them is at the center, and that great generator of energy does not move, it is still.


In all cases a suction phenomenon occurs, which can be both superior and inferior. In the case of sink dump, it is descending, and is the product of a vacuum that sucks the water particles, causing an incredible centrifugal force to be produced from the center, which causes propellers to unfold from the center of the spiral. moving away from the center, they separate

In the lower gallery we can see that the quasars, huge energy masses of the universe, which are more than 14 billion years from Earth, work with the same mechanics, two energetic opposites, that generate a tunnel, through the which triggers a spiral and expanded centrifugal energy.