了解更多亚博真人官方版APP下载的亚博真人官方版APP下载产品,管理您的保险范围和 记账,索赔,并找到其他常见问题的答案.

Filing a claim

你也可以开始通过向亚博真人官方版APP下载的索赔部门报告死亡来提出索赔 by using our online form, or by contacting us by phone at (800) 850-2658. Our business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday. Once 亚博真人官方版APP下载已收到您的丢失通知,您的索赔将被分配给一个索赔人 inspector for processing.


除了提供经证明的死亡证明和填好的索赔表之外 提供一份海外美国公民的死亡报告表格,这可能会获得 from the US Embassy. 你也可以拨打亚博真人官方版APP下载免费理赔电话, (800) 850-2658,了解理赔的要求 insured’s death is in a foreign country.

大多数殡仪馆都会给死者的家人提供几张经过认证的 death certificates. 您也可以联系状态的重要记录部门 the deceased for this document.

亚博真人官方版APP下载将签发支票至索偿书所提供的受益人地址 form.

如果索赔无可争议,付款通常在7-10个工作日后寄出 亚博真人官方版APP下载收到一份填好的索赔表和死亡证明. If the claim is 有争议,将进行索赔审查,并支付任何福利分配 will be determined upon completion. New York Life reserves the right to determine 死亡时是否有任何保险生效,以及受益人 to whom proceeds may be payable.

是的,如果索赔是无可争议的,并且受益人签署转让表格 (由殡仪馆提供)授权亚博真人官方版APP下载直接支付全部或部分 殡仪馆的收入,而那份分配是在 claim being settled.

这里有一些关于殡仪馆的有用的消费者保护信息 you might find helpful:

Federal Trade Commission - Planning a funeral? Know your rights (http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/2014/03/planning-funeral-know-your-rights)

Types of Claims

当被保险人死亡两年或两年以上时,索赔被认为是不可争辩的 more after the insurance date or reinstatement date.

当被保险人在两年内死亡时,索赔被视为有争议 of the insurance date or reinstatement date. On contestable claims, the Medical 需要填写索赔表格的信息和授权部分.

Policy Benefits

You may call our toll-free number, (800) 850-2658, for assistance. Our business hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday or 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. 或者,你可以填写一份“生活福利附加条款”索赔表格,然后邮寄 form as indicated in the form instructions.

放弃保险费是一种使被保险人免除其支付义务的福利 一旦他们被限制在一个合格的疗养院,未来的保险费为180英镑 consecutive days.

Do I need to continue paying my premiums?

How do I know if the facility is approved?
该机构必须获得专业护理机构的许可. Assisted Living and Personal Care Homes are not eligible.

Can I apply if my policy is lapsed?
是的,亚博真人官方版APP下载会根据监禁日期和时间来决定是否合格 coverage lapsed. 请注意,如果保单失效,亚博真人官方版APP下载将不会批准这项福利 在入院前或180天等待期间.

Section 2 must be completed by a treating physician.

Who receives the refund?
The refund is issued to the owner of the policy.

How do I apply for my Waiver of Premium Benefit?
Nursing Home Premium Waiver

Questions about your coverage?

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